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10 April 2013 @ 10:32 pm
I thought I would share, but

My poor, poor journal is now over 10 years old!
It's like having a strange child that I neglected suddenly, then realized I might find some nuggets of interesting again.
Happy (late) 10th anniversary to me!

Maybe I should celebrate by finding my first ever post.

then again maybe not.
26 September 2010 @ 11:43 pm
Thanks to the ever-loved spockside, I now have a new layout and a nice banner =3
26 September 2010 @ 11:11 am
At one point in time, I had a great layout.
Now that I've returned from YEARS of not using this thing, I noticed - huh, my layout...fell apart.
And I want a new one.
but I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to...go about that.
anyone know who to ask?
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25 September 2010 @ 07:37 pm
When you read this, you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your flist the real you!
Because of cincoflex, here is me in my laaaiiiirr.
You can see real real me in cosplay down below, so this is me on a daily basis.
<i>the darkness, the darkness!</i>Collapse )
05 September 2010 @ 12:01 pm
So I cosplayed Pepper Potts.
Within 20 minutes I ripped my skirt and had blisters on my feet. 5 inch heels for 8 hours was never going to happen.

For your consideration - Miss Potts.Collapse )
I had professional pictures done by Captured Souls Photography - they had a booth at AnimeFEST.
Oh, and this one was later - there was a Tony there, and he was with two girls - one of which was his girlfriend, the other I don't know, but they were cosplaying Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn respectively. My inner Pepper raged. He's trying to rip holes in the univeerrssee.
Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark! TONY!Collapse )
I think I look horrendously fat in every single one of these. I really do. I'm wearing spanx and you can still see my stomach. Ugh.
BUT - my new guy friend has said I could dress him up as my own Tony - but but I don't know when I'll be able to do this again!
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10 August 2010 @ 11:38 am
I want to find someone to make me a journal layout with RDJ. But I have to find someone that makes layouts.
My old connections died out yeaaaars ago. Back when I was in high school and still wandered Gaia Online for 6 hours a day.
I don't know if I should start posting my stories on here. Would anyone notice? Would anyone care?
Probably not. Maybe if I put them on the communities I'm part of, maybe.
I want to dabble more in songfics...
but as usual I'm going to be late for work.
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20 July 2010 @ 10:51 pm
Big money, big money, no whammy, no whammy...

The more I think about it, the more I need to start using this again.
It makes me feel better. Hell, I should start writing on here about, well, my writing...
and since I know that silverspidertm2 is a reader of my writing, maybe I can convince other readers of mine to help me along in my stories somehow...
but I have to get them to my lj first.
Mostly because sometimes, when I'm trying to hammer out a new chapter to give to my 'adoring public' (James continues to tell me how much my ego has been boosted by people actually reading my writing for once), things end up like my icon.
And do I have SUCH good ideas for Waking Up in Vegas. It's Spare Moments that's getting shafted. Though I'm in the best part of the ENTIRE story, it's...so hard to do.
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21 January 2010 @ 12:18 pm
This has been driving me insane.
I don't know where else to put it. I need it on some kind of blog.
Lady Gaga has created American Visual Kei, but in her own weird-ass way.

Yes, Visual Kei is harder, more gothic and bloody, french-y and has pretty men behind it, but Gaga has brought us that explosion of performance artist meets singer with bad fashion sense (most of the time).

Come on, the video for "Paparazzi" isn't as crazy as Mizer's "Illuminati", but you get the comparison. Both were done for dramatic effect (ON CRUTCHES, REALLY?) and I'm not sure about early visual kei, but I know that, in particular, she had to fight to find a director willing to go with her half naked dancing on crutches because she was thrown off a balcony. In "Illuminati", it's insinuated that one of the band members has sex with a dead girl and another is cutting himself.
Though on different 'crazy' meters, the comparison is there. Will it catch on to others? Probably not. Everyone thinks she's a loon, but my question is - does she know that she's Americanizing something the Japanese created almost 20 years ago?
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05 May 2009 @ 06:47 pm
I'm worried about this job thing.
I'm sure I could go back to subway, but I don't want to. I would much rather have a desk job. But, I have no real desk job experience.
My only real job experience is - subway. and that's something I'm good at, but I want to move on. I want something new.
I got a quite nice rejection letter from Trinity Mother Frances. That job would have been perfect, but I don't have any experience for what was necessary. Even though I did data entry for one of the largest hospitals in this state, that doesn't count enough apparently.
I have too much to do for golf and school, but for some reason I'm worried about finding a job. What the hell?
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26 April 2009 @ 03:08 pm
So here I am, in the same little room I was in yesterday, randomly deciding I need to update on my LJ (mostly because I found that some of my friends from school are on here).

I should be writing my extreme paper of hell for my education class, but I did that already and put 4 more pages on it. I'm burnt out.
I'm trying to work on Japanese skit stuff (and have some done) but it's just not coming to me.
I'm overly stressed with so much to do before finals, then finals, then 6 days of hell. Sure, I'll get free stuff, but that doesn't mean I won't be ungodly DEAD afterwards.

(for those of you who don't know who might read this, my team won our conference, so we're going to nationals the week after finals - meaning, 2 days of practice rounds, 4 days of tournament play. and I've only ever done 4 days total, and that killed me)

I need a job, but I have to write a resume. Something I've never done before, and never had to. I've done many jobs, but only one of them involved government-acknowledged pay.
I'm taking 9 hours this summer to graduate early. Am I ready for it?
Am I ready to move out of my current apartment? hell fucking no.
But do I want to go somewhere new? yes
But I am HORRIBLY dreading nationals. Like I said, not that I won't get free stuff, but I know I can't handle playing 6 days straight. I know the last two I will fail. Because I'll be so tired I won't be able to take it anymore. And I fear that.
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